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Lied (cont.) and Piano Miniatures Song Cycle - group of songs with a common poetic theme or narrative - ex. R. Schumann, Dichterliebe , “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” (1840) - bio.: - text: - form: Character Piece - short Romantic piano pieces generally portraying one definite mood or character - analogous to the Lied (but without a poem)—as with Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words - ex. Schubert’s Moment Musical No. 2 in Ab (1827) - bio.: - form: - Schumann’s Carnaval , “Eusebius” and “Florestan” (1833-35)
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Unformatted text preview: - Chopins Nocturne in F# (1831) - bio.: - nocturne night piece Questions to think about in relation to Schumanns and Chopins style: 1. How could you musically characterize the differences between these two composers (based on the examples heard in class)? 2. Can you attribute these differences to any of the following: - health (either physical or mental) - working circumstances - class divisions - general thoughts on music, role of music in society - expectations of the audience, performer, etc....
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