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Goldberg_Edison Narrative - Joshua Goldberg Edison...

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Joshua Goldberg Edison narrative In the beginning of the year 1869 Thomas Alva Edison at the age of 21 ( he would turn 22 in February) decide d to leave Western Union after working there for 5 years. This was a major turning point in Edison’s career. He decided that he wanted to work on his own inventions instead of working as a Western Union operator . This gave Edison the freedom to start working on his three main inventions that he was going to invent that year. These were the printing telegraph, the magnetograph, and the double transmitter. The printing telegraph was used for stock quotations for stockbrokers and bankers. The magnetograph was cheaper then the printing telegraph and was less likely to have technical problems. This was therefore used for private lines such as the lines between the head offices of businesses and their factories and warehouses. The double transmitter was the newest version of the telegraph for sending two messages at a time . In January, Edison sold the rights to his first successful printing telegraph, the Boston instrument, to Boston businessmen Joel Hills and William Plummer in exchange for their financial assistance. With the money that Edison gained in this business deal he rented two rooms at 9 Wilson Lane. A few days later on January 25 th 1869 Edison receives his first telegraph patent for the Boston instrument. On January 30 th of that year Edison announced his resignation from his job with Western Union in order to devote himself full time to inventing and to pursuing various telegraph enterprises. At 9 Wilson Lane Edison established headquarters for a stock quotation service. Samuel Ropes Jr., Frank
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Goldberg_Edison Narrative - Joshua Goldberg Edison...

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