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Sean Anaya Chase Bass Jun Wang Jinsik Kim Trey Terry MGT4058 Chase’s Hawaiian Paradise Travel Agency Target Client: Chase’s Hawaiian Paradise Packages System Users: Multiple employees working with potential customers. Agency owner interested in financial performance of individual agents as well as the agency as a whole. Key Tasks: Flight(s), cruise(s), car rental(s) and hotel searches and bookings. Billing/commissions from airlines, etc. Payroll. Customer billing. Loyalty program. Brief introduction of the organization: We are creating a new database for Chase’s Hawaiian Paradise Packages, so that they can manage all aspects of their customers travel to and from Hawaii and track frequent travelers. Chase’s is a small travel agency specializing in Hawaiian vacations/getaways founded in 1989, consisting of 10 employees, located in Los Angeles, California. Currently, potential customers can contact the agency via phone, website or visit their office location in downtown Los Angeles. Their current system of tracking customers is using hardcopy filing system, which does not include the functionality of tracking repeat customers. Scope of your project: What kinds of business functions are you going to cover? The functions we will be covering in our database will include booking of flight(s), cruise(s), car rental(s) and hotel reservations, the billing and commission from company the agency frequent refers customers to, management of employee payroll and the billing of customers, as well as
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tracking frequent customers to create a loyalty program. The system will be used to monitor historical and current travel costs and easily relay this to management and customers. Basically, almost all major business functions will be put into a database to be readily streamlined and
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ProjectDescription - Sean Anaya Chase Bass Jun Wang Jinsik...

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