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------------------------------------------------- Professional Management Skills Assessment – November 4th, 2010 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Final Assignment ------------------------------------------------- AMD: A Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation Table of Contents Introduction 3 I. How to increase its position in the market of corporate desktops and notebooks? Could Opteron be leverage to other segments? 4 II. AMD’s “Power Campaign”, Does it compels to end users? 5 III. Intel a real competitor. Should AMD worried About? 6 IV. The AMD’s customer centric approach, a real source of advantage over Intel? 7 V. AMD commercial viable innovation face to Intel Innovation 8 Conclusion 10 Recommendations 11 Bibliography 12 Appendix 1: Hardware Today: AMD Eats Into Intel's Server Chip Monopoly 13 Introduction This is a case study of AMD, Advances Micro Devices competing with Intel. They are both Microprocessor manufacturers and they both are in competition for basically two decade now. This case is about how AMD faced or tried to face Intel’s leader position in the market. What is a microprocessor? “A central processing unit (CPU) contained within one chip. Although all CPUs today are microprocessors, the term originated in the 1970s when an entire processor was first miniaturized onto a single chip. Since the turn of the century, the semiconductor manufacturing process has become so sophisticated that not only one, but two, four and more CPU cores are built on a single chip”. The microprocessor is the heart of a computer, and it is also called the brain. This little “chip” made all computer system work together and it’s the master piece of computer. Both companies, Intel and AMD were almost created at the same time, the end of the 60’s. Although they both are in the same business, and both fonder came from the semiconductor industry, their strategy and product are completely different. They are constantly competing in many markets, and make the innovation their number one strength because of a growing careful demand. The Microprocessor market is constantly evolving, and the worlds demand rising all the time. Both companies have to increase their innovation in term of time but also in term of capacity.
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I. How to increase its position in the market of corporate desktops and notebooks? Could Opteron be leverage to other segments? From exhibit 1 and 2, we can observe that servers market share and desktops and notebook market share are growing almost together. What we want to highlight is when servers market share are rising, desktop and personals’ are doing the same. Both markets are linked. Servers markets are a kind of model for personal and desktop market. AMD succeed to face Intel dominant position in the server market by his innovation and capacity
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amdinfo (2) - -Professional Management Skills Assessment...

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