Accounting -AR Assignment Express Delivery

Accounting -AR Assignment Express Delivery - Breone Mikell...

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Breone Mikell October 15, 2008 Accounting: AR Assignment #2 Express Delivery 1. FedEx Corporation, which was originally called FDX Corporation, was established in January 1998 under the control of Caliber System Inc. Under this company there are several other businesses, which include Roberts Express, Viking Freight, Caribbean Transportation Services, Caliber Technology, and Caliber Technology that composed the original FDX Corporation. In June 2000, FedEx was formed and began operations. Over the next few years, FedEx company grew worldwide. Tower Group International became the foundation of a newer FedEx Corporation subsidiary, FedEx Trade Networks, which today is the largest volume customs entry filer in North America. Today, FedEx Corp. is the first in the rank, provider of shipping and information services worldwide. Their motto is “operate independently, complete collectively and manage collaboratively.” The idea of FedEx Express came from Frederick W. Smith, which is a company that revolutionized global business practices and now defines speed and reliability. The
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Accounting -AR Assignment Express Delivery - Breone Mikell...

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