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Accounting Spreadsheets List three parts/keys to your measurable plan to achieve your course goal grade! 1 st I must FOCUS 2 nd I must PRACTICE 3 rd 1. Row- horizontal group of cells identified by a number in a worksheet. 2. Column- vertical group of cells in a worksheet identified by alphabetic letter. 3. Formulas- equation that performs a calculation on values in a worksheet. 4. Range- a group of cells that forms a rectangle. 5. Relative addressing- a cell address that adjusts to the row or column where a copied formula is located. 6. Absolute addressing- a cell address that does not change when copied in a formula. 7. Macro- a sequence of commands and keystrokes that performs a task, saved as a Visual Basic routine in a workbook. 8. Spreadsheet- a worksheet matrix in which columns and row numbers are summed for budgets and statements. 9. Cell- intersection of a column and row in a worksheet with an address or reference. 10. Cell address- column letter and row number that identifies a location in the worksheet.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Edit box- each small rectangle or box is known as a cell. It can be used also to enter or edit a formula, a function or data in a cell. 12. Named ranges- name range in Excel allows you to assign a name to a single cell or range of cells. 13. Formatting- is used to change the look of the numbers in the cell. Excel formatting is a way to make your spreadsheet easier to read and understand the important data. 14. Menu bar- is directly below the title bar. The bar is a horizontal assembly of icons you click on to open a menu or perform functions. 15. Formula bar- located above the worksheet, displays the data or formula stored in the active cell. The formula bar can be used to enter or edit a formula, a function or data in a cell. 16. Software applications (5) - Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook. 17. Operating systems (5) Windows 7, Window Vista, Lenox, PeopleSoft, Pac Man, Angel....
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