Mk 4010 Formulas

Mk 4010 Formulas - Impressions= Total exposures of audience...

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Market Share = Relative Market Share = Market Concentration = Market Penetration = Brand Penetration = Penetration Share = Share of Requirements = Heavy Usage Index = Market Share = % Markup on Cost = % Margin on Selling Price = Selling Price = Cost = Breakeven Volume = Cost = Breakeven Volume = Contribution Margin % (CM %) = Breakeven volume in dollars given Return on Sales (ROS) Percent Target=
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Linear Demand Function Elasticity (E) = Maximum Reservation Price (MRP) = Maximum Willingness to Buy (MWB) = % Profit B/E ∆P = % Profit B/E ∆P , ∆VC = Optimal Price = Cannibalization Rate = Weighted Contribution Margin = Breakeven given new fixed costs associated with New Brand = Total Contribution Margin= Cost per Call = Breakeven Sales Volume= Sales Value of one potential customer= Sales Force Size=
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Module Six: Media Metrics Rating= Percent: audience members exposed / total audience Share= Percent: audience exposed / audience using media at the time Gross Rating Points (GRPs)= Sum of rating points delivered by all media vehicles in schedule
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Unformatted text preview: Impressions= Total exposures of audience members to an advertisement GRPs x 1 percent of audience size Reach = Percent: audience members who see an advertisement at least once / total audience members Frequency = GRPs / Reach Effective reach = Percent : audience members exposed to an ad at least as many times as the effective frequency / total audience members Cost per Thousand (CPM)= Cost of Media Buy / Thousands of Impressions Generated Cost per Rating Point (CPP) = Cost of Media Buy / Rating Points Module Seven: Customer Lifetime Value Retention Rate r = Customers Retained / Customers at Risk Margin Multiple = r / (1 – r + i) where i is discount rate Customer acquisition cost (A) = Dollars spent to acquire customers / # of customers acquired Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) = [ (M – C) * Margin Multiple ] – A, where M is margin per customer per period C is marketing spending per customer per period...
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Mk 4010 Formulas - Impressions= Total exposures of audience...

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