Mk Research 4200-Family Recipes Transcribed Interview

Mk Research 4200-Family Recipes Transcribed Interview -...

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Family Recipes Interview Date: September 5, 2011 Interview Location: Paulette’s house Interviewer: Breone Mikell Demographic Characteristics: 43 years old, African- American, 1 daughter, age 21 Hi I am interviewing Paulette Hebrard and my name is Breone Mikell, about the topic Family Recipes. Interviewer: Please tell me about that family recipe that you are thinking about. Please give me as much info as you can. Informant: I’m thinking about red beans and rice. Interviewer: Ok can you explain the recipe more? Informant: In New Orleans there is a tradition on every Monday to cook Red beans and rice and it’s just a tradition. Interviewer: Ok is that all the information you want to give me about that recipe? Informant: Yes it is. Interviewer: Ok that’s fine, next question. Who usually prepares this recipe? Who helps to make this recipe? Who do they usually prepare this recipe for? Who is usually there when this recipe is made? Informant: The recipe is usually made for family. Umm, it’s been passed down from generation to generation. Normally the mother prepares it. Interviewer: For the family? Informant: For the family. Interviewer: Is it just on Mondays? Informant: You can have it any day you like but it’s traditionally on every Monday families prepare red beans and rice. Interviewer: Ok, do you have the recipe? Have you ever made this recipe? If so, how often have you prepared it? Does it taste the same when you make it then when someone else makes it, for example your mother? Informant: I prepare the recipe and I prepared it many times before. In New Orleans, I would umm prepare it but since I been in Atlanta the groceries here are different and some
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things you can’t find here then I would find back home. So I don’t prepare it as much
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Mk Research 4200-Family Recipes Transcribed Interview -...

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