Psyc 3110 Awareness Wheel

Psyc 3110 Awareness Wheel - Awareness Wheel The Awareness...

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Awareness Wheel The Awareness Wheel is a tool for exploring issues that confront you. It is generally accepted that the more you understand about your own thoughts, feelings and motives with regard to an issue, the more likely you will be to understand the issue fully and arrive at a satisfactory solution. This tool gives you a guide for looking at different areas or zones of your and others’ experience. Think of it as a simple map, if you will, that you can learn and then apply to self exploration or exploration with another regarding an issue. This map or wheel can help you make sure you have covered several different areas of an issue efficiently, may help decreases stress, and increase organization. The Awareness Wheel has 5 parts or types of information. Sensory Data : This part of the wheel has 2 parts: external and internal. External sensory data are anything that you receive from your 5 senses that help you evaluate or gather information regarding people or an issue. You might have heard, seen or smelled something that tipped you off. For instance, you might have made a comment and noticed a person’s facial grimace. You might have smelled cannabis after your 15 year old assured you they had not been smoking or you might have heard a sarcastic tone when your partner said they had cleaned the kitty litter. These are external sensory data. Internal sensory data , on the other hand, are data that come from your own body. These can be internal sensations , such as muscle tightness or goose bumps, or intuition you might experience. Intuition is defined as fragments of thoughts, memories and dreams that are hard to put your finger on, yet give you clues. Generally many of us don’t notice intuition as often as it occurs and many of us do not pay attention to it. The Awareness Wheel advocates we notice and consider intuition.
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Psyc 3110 Awareness Wheel - Awareness Wheel The Awareness...

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