Psyc 3110 Problemsolving

Psyc 3110 Problemsolving - PROBLEM SOLVING(paraphrased from...

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PROBLEM SOLVING ( paraphrased from Core Communication, Miller, S. and Miller, P.A., 1997) Problemsolving is a technique for structuring our thinking/discussion of a conflict. It has 6 steps. 1. Define the problem . This should be in very specific, behavioral terms , as vague and abstract problems are hard to resolve. Consider the difference of defining the problem as your roommate being irresponsible, as opposed to your roommate not paying his/her share of the rent on time, not emptying the dishwasher and leaving dirty dishes under the couch. Try to focus on the present and tackle one problem at a time . Storing up grievances and getting them all out tends to derail the process of coming to a resolution. Try to summarize the problem so you can be sure that you have an operational definition. If more than one person is problemsolving, you want to make sure that you both agree on exactly what problem will be addressed. 2. Brainstorm possible solutions . Without censoring or evaluating the solutions, try and list everything silly or serious, that could possibly contribute to a solution . It is best to write all these down. For instance, with the roommate problem you might generate a list like a. Roommate moves out b. Roommate pays small fine whenever the rent is late c. If roommate doesn’t pay rent on time again, he/she has 2 weeks to find a new apartment d. Give roommate a written contract of his/her eviction if rent is not paid on time e. You move out f. You move in with your parents
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Psyc 3110 Problemsolving - PROBLEM SOLVING(paraphrased from...

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