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Breone Mikell HADM 3750 June 29, 2011 Behavioral Interview Questions 1) What skills and expertise do you bring to this job and how will you use them? 2) Think of a project you participated in over the last year. Tell me exactly what your role was and what you did. What problems or issues were there and how did you handle them? 3) Can you describe something you worked on that involved a lot of detail and how did you handle it? 4) Give examples of a situation where there were competing priorities. What actions did you take and what were the results? 5) Can you identify a situation where you received some customer feedback that made you re-think the way you were working? 6) What technical achievement are you most proud of and why? What are you the least proud of and why? 7) What do you think are the three most critical areas for the future? Why? 8) Think of a project or situation you had where you made a mistake. Why and what happened? What did you learn? 9)
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