HHS 3000-Cultural Essay

HHS 3000-Cultural Essay - Breone Mikell HHS 3000 MW 4:45...

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Breone Mikell HHS 3000- MW 4:45 Professor Lesa Hope July 18, 2011 Cultural Self-Awareness Assessment and Reflection Essay From extensive research, cultural awareness involves continually developing your awareness of your own and others' cultures to assist in the performance of your professional or personal duties. This could include learning about traditional beliefs, remedies, meanings of words, phrases, gestures, customs, significant days or holidays, activities and rituals. Cultural awareness can also be a technique of developing sensitivity and understanding of another ethnic group. This usually involves internal changes in terms of attitudes and values. If it’s learning from someone close around you or academically studying it or just traveling the world and experiencing it first hand, cultural self awareness gives you a broader sense of things that are not familiar to you. In my personal experience, I have not had the chance to be exposed to many different cultures but one day I hope I have the chance to change that. From growing up, I was always around people that were similar to be and had the same
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HHS 3000-Cultural Essay - Breone Mikell HHS 3000 MW 4:45...

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