Humanties, Colq Paper- Betrayal of Women

Humanties, Colq Paper- Betrayal of Women - Breone Mikell...

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Breone Mikell Heather Ellis Katie Courtois The Fabliaux and Portrayal of Women In Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, there have been many themes and eras that have sparked controversy and criticism. Throughout the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer uses the theme of fabliaux in several different tales. A fabliaux is a short story that is usually written in verse about low or middle class people. It is more obscene than other stories, primarily through sexual situations. Fabliaux tales also include instances of adultery, trickery, and deception. They were used strictly for humor and amusement, despite their typically crude content (Tolisano 1). It is also presented to be comical against marriage. Such examples include The Merchant’s Tale, The Reeve’s Tale, and The Miller’s Tale. Though all of these tales are well written and have an interesting story line there is much to be said about what critics think of these tales. The Canterbury Tales brings about controversy because all of the women involved in these tales did the opposite of what was expected for the time period. Women at the time were supposed to obey their husbands and never once question their husband’s authority. Women were looked at just a piece of property to be used for whatever the husband pleased. Chaucer’s work illustrates the rebellious and the true side of women at the time which was contrary to how they were perceived. The women Chaucer portrays in these tales would have not have been thought of very highly by the rest of society. Anytime there is a character that is doing the opposite of the norm there will always be
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Humanties, Colq Paper- Betrayal of Women - Breone Mikell...

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