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BCOM 3950- goodwill letter - entered college, I needed...

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Breone C. Mikell 445 Markham Street Apt. C12 Atlanta, Ga. 30313 [email protected] June 22, 2011 Ms. JoAnn Paschall Youth Programs Manager 818 Pollard Blvd SW Atlanta, GA 30315 Dear Ms. Paschall, I am writing to show appreciation. You have helped me numerous times with school and adjusting in Atlanta after relocating from New Orleans. So this is just to take a moment out to tell you how you have influenced my life. When I first moved to Georgia, my mother and I came to the Workforce to get help with funds for living. My mother was able to find a job & I was placed in high school. As I graduated and
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Unformatted text preview: entered college, I needed assistance with funds to go to college. You were the first face I remember and since then, you have always helped me from helping me with grant money to finding a job. Every year I attended college, I came to the workforce for help and you always found a way to make a difference. You are so humble and you may look at it as just doing your job but I receive it as a miracle. I am grateful for everything you have done for my family. You are my angel! Sincerely, Breone Mikell...
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