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Anabela dos Ramos February 1, 2010 Instructor: Carey Dimmitt Reading Response #2 Question #1 – Please describe what you believe to be the interplay between your past experiences, present interactions, and future orientations. I believe that emotions are based off things that you experience. Seligman presents the differences between emotions that are connected with the past, present and future. Positive emotions in people could be branched from past backgrounds that have triggered such good emotions. A positive emotion can form from how you wanted to feel before, or how you planned for something to happen and it ends up happening better than you expected it to happen. However, there are also instances in the past that trigger negative emotions in people. I think that Seligman points out some important things such as how something negative sometimes triggers negative emotions. One example he gives is: “Lydia and Mark are divorced. Whenever Lydia hears Mark’s name, she remembers first that he betrayed her, and she still feels hot anger- twenty years after the event” (p. 65). Either a memory, or just a thought, these things can preside over how a person feels and what emotion they set forth. In some ways, your past can determine your future in situations that prompt you
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love&work2 - Anabela dos Ramos February 1, 2010...

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