e4 - CS3SAD/CSMDAS:SoftwareArchitectureandDesign Weeks6to8

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Weeks 6 to 8 Exercise sheet 4: .NET/COM+-based architectures, enterprise  styles and OCL 1. Consider the following parts of abstract UML2 architectures. Redraw them using the Microsoft specialization of UML2, using COM+ services where appropriate: a) Part of an investment system. A managed investment consists of a range of investments maintained by various groups – a bank (compound interest term deposit), the stock market (stocks) and a property group (shares in various properties). The investment system should permit a customer to withdraw their investment from the fund – this will result in withdrawal from all from investments at the same time, subject to potential penalties. The system consists of four components. Three components handle interaction with the three investment groups: a StockMarket component, a Property group component and a Bank component. The Management component manages investments through the other three components. Managment StockMarket Bank Property IManagement interface permits clients to withdraw funds from the investment – resulting in money withdrawn from all managed components at the same time Answer: The withdrawal functionality requires all four components to be within a single transaction. This prevents a total withdrawal request resulting in only a partial withdrawal in the event of one of the components crashing. A sample solution is as follows:
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e4 - CS3SAD/CSMDAS:SoftwareArchitectureandDesign Weeks6to8

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