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Exam_2007-03-26_Answers - Examination answers CD5360...

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Examination + answers CD5360 Software Engineering course (Examination 4 course points) Date: 2007-03-26, 8:30- 13:30 Page 1(12) Contact person: Rikard Land, 021-107035, 0735-636260 Responsible: Rikard Land Yue Lu Kristian Sandström Aneta Vulgarakis [This version of the file contains suggested answers, that should give highest points on each assignments. There may be many other ways to solve the assignments and get full point. In general, your answers must be realistic (for example, a project plan should contain realistic time allocated for project management, system integration & testing/validation even if this is not explicit in the assignment), you must also master the syntax used (for example, don’t mix signals and conditions in a state chart!), and not incorrect (for example, a state chart that does not solve the problem stated in the assignment cannot give very many points), and that assumptions made are explicit or very easily understandable. ] All written material is allowed, e.g. text books, printouts of lecture slides, earlier exams (and solutions), and all own notes Max points: 40 Approved: Minimum 20 points Final Course Marks will be combined from the examination and the project: (40 points from examination + 40 points from the project) /2 Grade 5: 34 – 40p Grade 4: 28 – 33p Grade 3: 20 – 27p Observe, please: Write your name and personal number on every sheet Write on one side of the sheet only. Assumptions must be made when there is not enough information provided to solve an assignment, and all assumptions must be specified and explained in order to achieve full point.
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Examination + answers CD5360 Software Engineering course (Examination 4 course points) Date: 2007-03-26, 8:30- 13:30 Page 2(12) Assignment 1. Requirements/Use Case modelling (6p) In this assignment, you should model an aircraft boarding system by using UML Use- Case diagram. The following are the requirements on the system. 45 minutes before take-off, one channel is opened in the boarding gate for the business / 1 st class passengers. These passengers are informed by broadcasting by both airport TV and radio 30 minutes before take-off, an economy class channel is opened. and notify the boarding message to the economy class passengers by using both airport TV and radio. Meanwhile, keep the business / 1 st class channel open If all of the business / 1 st class passengers, who have already checked in their luggage, finish the boarding, that channel should be opened for the economy class passengers as well The passengers’ tickets and passports should be controlled, both in 1 st / business class channel and economy class channel. If there is something wrong, the problem should be solved without stopping boarding for the other passengers The number of passengers should never exceed the capacity of aircraft It is allowed to disembarking during the boarding Before the gate is closed and the aircraft takes off, passengers who have already checked in the luggage but not shown up at the boarding gate 15 minutes before
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Exam_2007-03-26_Answers - Examination answers CD5360...

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