GroundwaterLab_11 - Groundwater Flow Lab Feb 28th 2011 ACMF...

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Groundwater Flow Lab Feb. 28 th , 2011 ACMF Background: Groundwater is the source of baseflow to creeks and rivers. For Hatchet Creek, the aquifer that feeds baseflow is the surficial aquifer because it is perched on top of the Hawthorn. The Santa Fe and Suwannee Rivers are fed primarily by the Floridan. Regardless of the aquifer source, it is essential to understand the rate of water delivery at baseflow because of the State mandate to maintain and protect minimum flows and levels (MFLs). In order to determine the rate of baseflow contributing to a creek, we need to know several properties of the media (the sand through which the water flows) and the hydrology. In this lab, we’ll estimate the hydraulic gradients that drive water into (or out of) a river from the surficial aquifer. The main ingredients of that flow rate are the slope of water table (the so-called potentiometric gradient), the length of the flow path, the area of the flow path and the saturated hydraulic conductivity (K sat ), which describes the rate at which water flows through the particular sediments in the area being studied. K sat can be estimated from measures of texture and organic matter content, or it can be measured directly; we’ll do the latter using a slug test. A slug test is a type of aquifer test where water is added or removed from a groundwater well,
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GroundwaterLab_11 - Groundwater Flow Lab Feb 28th 2011 ACMF...

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