topic25 - BIOL 1030 TOPIC 25 LECTURE NOTES Topic 25:...

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BIOL 1030 – TOPIC 25 LECTURE NOTES Topic 25: Endocrine System (Ch. 45) I. function A. coordination and regulation of body functions B. via regulatory molecules (chemical signals are easy to send in the bloodstream and can have target specificity) II. types of regulatory molecules A. neurotransmitters (wait for nervous system) B. hormones – secreted by endocrine glands, carried in blood, only target cells respond C. autocrine regulators – not transported in blood, acts within an organ on cells similar to the secretory cells D. paracrine regulators – same as autocrine, but acts on cells of a different tissue type from secretory cells E. pheromones affect other individuals of the same species; often used for sexual attraction or signaling, but also for control; typically produced by exocrine glands F. there is some overlap; definition based on how transported and used, not chemical identity III. autocrine and paracrine regulation A. many types B. common autocrine: cytokines in immune system (actually travel in the blood) C. paracrine examples 1. growth factors (stimulate cell division and proliferation) 2. prostaglandins modified lipids many functions, including promoting pain and fever in inflammation and stimulating smooth muscle contraction NSAIDS inhibit (includes aspirin) by inhibiting making of prostaglandins IV. how hormones work A. lipid-soluble hormones enter target cells 1. includes steroid hormones and thyroxine 2. travel in blood attached to protein carriers 3. steroids derived from cholesterol bind to receptor proteins in the cytoplasm or nucleus of the target cell complex binds to specific DNA region, activating or enhancing gene transcription examples: cortisone, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone
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topic25 - BIOL 1030 TOPIC 25 LECTURE NOTES Topic 25:...

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