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final exam - BIOL 1020 Principles of Biology FINAL EXAM 1 2...

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BIOL 1020: Principles of Biology FINAL EXAM 1. Avery et al. used experiment performed by _______ to show that nucleic acid is the genetic material. A. Hershey & Chase B. Stahl C. Griffith D. Rosalind 2. Griffith found that the _______ strain of the pneumococcus bacterium was virulent and would cause disease. A. A B. S C. R D. B 3. An organism with the genotype of AaBb (A and B are on different chromosomes) can produce _____different type of gametes? A. 8 B. 4 C. 2 D. 6 4. An organism with a dominant phenotype is crossed with a homozygous recessive organism. None of the numerous offspring are homozygous recessive. The genotype of the dominant parent is: 5. People expressing the cystic fibrosis trait are ___________ for the disease gene. 6. Each is a component of the DNA nucleotide except a: 7. The two strands of the DNA double helix are: A. parallel B. antiparallel C. polypeptides D. semiconservative 8. DNA replication is best described as being: 9. RNA polymerase recognizes a(n) _______ sequence of the gene. 10. An unaffected couple (neither father nor mother have the disease) has two hemophilic sons and two normal daughters. This is because 11. New aminoacyl-tRNAs (tRNA with attached amino acid) bind to mRNA at the _______ site of the ribosome. A. A B. B C. T D. P E. Z 12. The first amino acid in any protein is coded for by which codon? 13. Pieces of mRNA that are transcribed from the DNA, but are NOT found in the mature
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mRNA molecule once it reaches the cytoplasm, are called: 14. Okazaki fragments are:
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