4460 Course Syllabus and Outcomes 2011

4460 Course Syllabus and Outcomes 2011 -...

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CHEN 4460 PROCESS SIMULATION, SYNTHESIS, AND OPTIMIZATION (2) Required Core Course 2009 2010 Catalog Data Lec (1), Lab (3). Fundamentals of computer aided simulation and synthesis. Process integration and optimization principles including their applications in design, retrofitting and operation of chemical processes. Prerequisites Pr: CHEM 2080 and completion of CHEN 3370, CHEN 3650, CHEN 3660, and CHEN 3700 with grades of C or higher. Schedule One one hour lecture session and two 75 minute lab sessions per week Course Objectives This course is intended to introduce students to the fundamentals of computer aided process synthesis, simulation, analysis and optimization. In particular, the course presents systematic tools for developing and screening potential process flowsheets. Students use a commercial process simulator (ASPEN PLUS) to aid in evaluating a variety of these process designs. Practical problems are used as examples. These problems include mass integration, heat integration, separation processes and environmentally benign designs. Using a commercial solver package (LINGO) students are introduced to the formulation and solution of linear and nonlinear mathematical optimization problems for chemical engineering applications. Textbooks
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4460 Course Syllabus and Outcomes 2011 -...

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