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GEN_INFO_CHM2045_Fall10.wpd 8/16/10 CHM 2045 GENERAL CLASS INFORMATION INSTRUCTOR: DON SWIETER OFFICE: K-223 EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] PHONE: 395-5303 MY WEB SITE: OFFICE HOURS: ANNOUNCED IN CLASS AND POSTED ON OFFICE DOOR COURSE PREREQUISITE: College Algebra 1, MAC 1105, or the equivalent. Algebraic manipulations will be used extensively in General Chemistry. Therefore, without proficiency in this area you will not be successful in this course. TEXT: Chemistry The Central Science, by Brown, LeMay and Bursten, 10th Ed. (available at the SFCC bookstore) OR any other college chemistry text of your choosing. Required Calculator: Any departmentally approved NON-programmable calculator (see list on page 3) CLASS ORGANIZATION: There are 150 minutes of lecture and a 3-hour laboratory (or additional lecture) period scheduled each week. Attendance at all of these sessions is mandatory. If you must miss it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed. You should have your lecture notes, any and all handouts, (and if possible, your textbook and your laboratory manual) with you at each and every session. It is strongly advised that you avoid the need for a laboratory make-up; but if you do need a make-up laboratory for a legitimate reason, contact me (or leave a message) at my office as soon as possible after the lab absence. I will give you a Chemistry Laboratory Make-Up Authorization Form that will allow you to make up the lab within one week , but only if room is available in the laboratory. Therefore, after getting the form you should contact the laboratory staff as soon as possible to schedule a make-up time. The lab report must be turned in within one week of the original date that the laboratory work was done by the class, but no later the last week of class. The material presented in class (including the lab) forms the basis for which you will be held responsible.
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This note was uploaded on 12/07/2011 for the course CHM 2045 taught by Professor Weinstein during the Fall '11 term at Santa Fe College.

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