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Unformatted text preview: STA 2023 - Holbrook Intro Stats Stats Starts Here Chapter 1 1-1 What is Statistics? STA 2023 - Holbrook “Let us sit on this log at the roadside,” says I, “and forget the inhumanity and ribaldry of the poets. It is in the glorious columns of ascertained facts and legalized measures that beauty is to be found. In this very log we sit upon, Mrs. Sampson,” says I, “is statistics more wonderful than any poem. The rings show it was sixty years old. At the depth of two thousand feet it would become coal in three thousand years. The deepest coal mine in the world is at Killingworth, near Newcastle. A box four feet long, three feet wide, and two feet eight inches deep will hold one ton of coal. If an artery iis cut, compress it above the wound. A man’s leg contains thirty bones. s The Tower of London was burned in 1841.” The “Go on, Mr. Pratt,” says Mrs. Sampson. “Them ideas is so original and soothing. I think statistics are just as lovely as they can be.” O. Henry, The Handbook of Hymen O. The 1-2 What Is Statistics? STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Collecting Data 2. e.g. Survey Data Data Analysis Analysis Presenting Data 3. © 1984-1994 T/Maker Co. e.g., Charts & Tables DecisionMaking Characterizing Data 1-3 Why? e.g., Average © 1984-1994 T/Maker Co. Statistical Methods STA 2023 - Holbrook Statistical Methods Descriptive Statistics 1-4 Inferential Statistics Descriptive Statistics STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Involves 2. Purpose 1-5 Collecting Data Presenting Data Characterizing Characterizing Data Data Describe Data 50 $ 25 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Y = 30.5 S2 = 113 Inferential Statistics STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Involves 2. Purpose 1-6 Estimation Hypothesis Hypothesis Testing Testing Make Decisions Make About Population Characteristics Characteristics Population? Descriptive vs. Inferential STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Descriptive Statistics – Numerical characteristics taken from a sample used to describe a sample. used 2. Inferential Statistics – Numerical characteristics taken from a sample used to make inferences about the population. population. 1-7 Key Terms STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Population (Universe) All items of interest (i.e. people) 2. Sample Portion or subset of the Population 3. Statistic A numerical characteristic of a sample. 4. Parameter 1-8 A numerical characteristic of a population. STA 2023 - Holbrook Relationship Between Statistics and Parameters 1. We use statistics (taken from a We sample) to estimate population parameters (allowing us to make inferences to the population). inferences 2. WHY? Because of lack of resources WHY? (like time or money) to look at the entire population. entire 1-9 To put it another way…. STA 2023 - Holbrook • Many statistics are used to draw Many conclusions about a population of interest, on the basis of data collected from a sample of cases from that population. population. 1 - 10 10 ...
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