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Unformatted text preview: STA 2023 - Holbrook Understanding and Comparing Distributions Chapter 5 5-1 STA 2023 - Holbrook Skip: Page 98­100, Timeplots Skip: Page 100­103 Re­expressing Data 5-2 STA 2023 - Holbrook Box Plots and the 5­Number Summary 5-3 Box Plot STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Graphical Display of Data Using 5-Number Summary Xsmallest Q1 Median Q3 4 5-4 6 8 10 Xlargest 12 Dotplot STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Create a boxplot with heights in inches Create from students in class. from a) One for males and one for females. 2. Discuss Figure 5.4, Page 92. Discuss 5-5 Recall: Using the TI­83 STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. Entering the data in a list: Hit “STAT” Hit Under “EDIT” select “Edit” Position cursor over “L1” and hit Position “CLEAR” and “ENTER” “CLEAR” Enter each number by typing the number Enter and hitting “ENTER”. and 5-6 “21.5” and “ENTER”, etc. Recall: Using the TI­83 STA 2023 - Holbrook 1. After the data has been entered in a After list (in any order) do the following: list Select “1-Var Stats” Hit “2nd” and “1” (for L1) 5-7 Hit “STAT” and scroll to “CALC” Hit “ENTER” and scroll to the bottom to Hit view your quartiles. view Shape & Box Plot STA 2023 - Holbrook Left-Skewed Q1 Median Q3 Median 5-8 Symmetric Q1 Median Q3 Median Right-Skewed Q1 Median Q3 Median End of Chapter Any blank slides that follow are blank intentionally. ...
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