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Kiley Belland Ron Sandvik English 250 19 November 2010 “The Model Type, Skinny with no Appetite”  How skinny is too skinny? Health care officials look down upon the modeling industry due to the pressure of looking a certain way and the circumstances these models will go to, to achieve that look. However , fashion designers have a different outlook on the topic. They believe that when the model has the right “look,” their clothes appear to be more satisfying and achieve the overall outcome of being more appealing to the audience. This may be true, but the objective is to determine if it is worth the model experiencing emotional, health, and timing issues that can lead to serious consequences. We can explore this subject by analyzing circumstances and situations faced by models in today’s society. Hours, days, weeks, and even years go into modeling preparation. Many of these careers are short lived because it is so easy to be replaced. Throughout this process models encounter constant criticism, which can lead to depression. This depression leads to serious health issues that can be challenging to overcome. After experiencing all this they begin to question where they fit in. To prevent every model from suffering from this same routine adjustments need to occur within the industry. Imagine going to three casting calls in one day along with hundreds of other models and each time hearing that “you’re not what we are looking for” time and time again. After putting so much hard work into looking a certain way and receiving constant criticism for it you begin to lose self-confidence, anyone would. Situations as this become hard to handle, it affects your
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emotions, which can lower your self-esteem. These feelings can easily lead to stress, pressure, and depression. This is the condition that models often find themselves faced with. Competition
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Essay - Kiley Belland Ron Sandvik English 250 19 November...

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