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1 ACC 331 Some of the Topics to Review for Exam 2 1) Bad Debts 2) Worthless securities 3) Small Business Stock (Section 1244 stock) 4) Theft and casualty losses 5) Research and Experimental Expenditures 6) Net operating losses 7) Depreciation of personalty 8) Depreciation of realty 9) Section 179 expense 10) Bonus (Additional) Depreciation 11) Amortization 12) Cost depletion 13) Employee versus self employed 14) Transportation expenses 15) Travel expenses 16) Moving expenses 17) Education related expenses 18) Criteria for home office treatment of a sole proprietor 19) Qualified work attire 20) Job hunting cost 21) Contributions and distributions to retirement plan and IRA by employee and self employed 22) Miscellaneous itemized deduction subject to two percent floor
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Unformatted text preview: 23) Miscellaneous itemized deductions not subject to the two percent floor 24) Medical Expenses 25) Taxes – which are for adjusted gross income, from adjusted gross income or not deductible at all. 26) Treatment of property tax in the year of sale 27) Interest expense - what type is for adjusted gross income, from adjusted gross income or not deductible at all 28) Treatment of interest and cost associated with real estate 29) Charitable contributions 30) Rules governing the computation of charitable contributions where property is donated 31) Passive activity rules 32) Exceptions to the passive activity rules...
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