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ACC 331 1) Know and be able to apply the tax formula to a hypothetical situation 2) Methods of Accounting for tax purposes 3) Annuities 4) Inclusions in gross income and exclusions from gross income 5) Items deductible for adjusted gross income, items deductible from adjusted gross income, and items that are not deductible at all 6) Tax Treatment of expenses for a sole proprietorship 7) Tax Treatment of expenses for an employee 8) Tax treatment of a hobby 9) Depreciation of personalty and Section 179 Expense 10) Depreciation of real property 11) Contributions and distributions to and from a retirement plan or IRA by employee and self employed 12) Rehabilitation Credit 13) Work Opportunity tax credit 14) Disabled Access Credit 15) Low Income Housing Credit 16) Earned Income Tax Credit 17) Credit for Elderly or Disabled Taxpayers 17) Child Tax Credit 18) Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses 19) Education tax Credits 20) First time homebuyer credit
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Unformatted text preview: 21) Determination of gain or loss realized and recognized 22) Determination of basis based upon means of acquisition - purchase, divorce, basket purchase, gift, inheritance, joint tenancy with rights of survivorship 23) Wash Sales 24) Related Party Sales 25) Converted property 26) Like Kind Exchanges 27) Involuntary Conversions 28) Rules concerning exclusion of gain on the sale of a principal residence 29) What type property is a capital asset 30) Determination of holding period 31) Difference in treatment of long term and short term capital gains and losses 32) Section 1244 stock 33) Bad Debts 34) Worthless stocks and bonds 35) Options 36) Treatment of amounts received to cancel or modify a lease 37) Section 1231 property 38) Determination of gain or loss and the character of gain or loss recognized on the sale of Section 1231 property. 39) Rules concerning treatment and netting of capital gains and losses....
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