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331TRET - Mary stayed at home during the year to care for...

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ACC 331 Spring 2011 1040EZ June Cleaver is single and earns a salary of $36,000 during the year as an assistant editor for a local magazine. She has interest income from Providence Bank of $250. She has no dependents and is neither blind nor 65 years of age or older. Her Social Security Number is 189-77-1234 and she resides at 8 Monroe Street, Fairfax, Virginia - 10566. During the year she had $2,300 of federal income tax withheld from her paycheck. 1040A Bill and Mary Stuart are married and file a joint return. They reside at 1930 Peachtree Place, Atlanta, Georgia - 10453. Their social security numbers are: 280-99-3627 for Bill, and 270-33- 2196 for Mary. They live with their three children Ted, Jane and Sally, who are ages 3, 4 and 6 respectively, as well as Mary’s mother, Debra.
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Unformatted text preview: Mary stayed at home during the year to care for her mother. Debra has no gross income for tax purposes for the year, but received $2,800 in social security benefits. The Stuarts provide the remaining $7,000 of Debra’s support. Bill and Mary’s income for the year is composed of: Bill’s salary of $44,000 and $380 of interest on a savings account at Pelham National Bank. During the year Bill made a $4,000 investment in his Traditional IRA. In addition, the Stuarts received $400 of interest on a state of Mississippi bond. Bill was unemployed for 2 months of the year during which time he received $1,000 in unemployment compensation. Bill had $5,200 of federal income taxes and $1,400 of state income tax withheld from his paycheck....
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