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ACC 331 SOME OF THE TOPICS TO REVIEW FOR EXAM 1 1) Types of individual income tax returns 2) Due dates of returns 3) Extension form and extension period 4) Know and be able to apply the tax formula to a hypothetical situation to determine tax liability 5) Methods of accounting for tax purposes and when an item is includible in income or eligible for deduction under cash and accrual methods. 6) Determination of tax filing status 7) When is an individual income tax return required to be filed under the general rule. 8) Annuities 9) Social security benefits 10) Determination of number of exemptions
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Unformatted text preview: 11) Exclusions 12) Employee fringe benefits 13) Meal and Lodging exclusion rules 14) Qualified employee discounts with regard to products and services 15) The no additional cost fringe benefit 16) Life Insurance 17) Determination of items includible and excludible from gross income 18) Scholarships 19) Prizes 20) Items deductible for adjusted gross income, deductible from adjusted gross income or not deductible at all. 21) Investigation costs 22) Rental property 23) Vacation home rules 24) Personal residence 25) Related party sales 26) Damages 27) Hobby losses...
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