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hw4_99W - then apply inverse FFT to recover the original...

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Homework #4, Winter 1999 MEAM 502 Differential Equation Methods in Mechanics Consider the following image that you can download from www-personal.engin.umich.edu/~kikuchi/meam501files/Image_hw4.jpg (1) Using an appropriate software (for example NIH Image, or MATLAB Image Toolbox), resize this picture to 640X480 pixel, and then change its color image to the grayscale one. (2) Apply FFT algorithm to the image (if the size of image is too big to work, resize into 320X240, or 160X120 pixel), and cut off 95%, 98%, and 99% transformed values, and
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Unformatted text preview: then apply inverse FFT to recover the original grayscale image. The transformed values should be complex numbers, and their magnitude must be computed to decide whether they should be cut off, that is, they should be enforced to be zero. The values whose magnitude is large, should be retained. (3) Instead of FFT, apply a wavelet transformation available in MATLAB, and repeat the same with (2)....
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