431syls7 - ECONOMICS 431 Summer 2007 INDUSTRIAL...

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ECONOMICS 431 Summer 2007 INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION Dmitriy Stolyarov Learning objectives This is a theoretical course in modern industrial organization. Many real-world firms are trying to manipulate their rivals or consumers. We will study the functioning of the markets by analyzing behavior of non-competitive firms. We will learn the tools of microeconomics and game theory to understand how firms make their decisions based on strategic thinking. We will use these theoretical insights to explain observed features of particular markets and industries. Class meetings: Wed, Thurs, Fri 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, B844 East Hall Textbook: Lynne Pepall, Daniel J. Richards and George Norman, Industrial organization: contemporary theory and practice. 3d ed. South-Western College Publishing. ISBN-10: 0324261306, ISBN-13: 9780324261301 Course requirements: There will be a midterm (40 % of the grade) and a final exam (60% of the grade). There are also weekly problem sets that test your understanding of lecture material and give you a taste of exam questions. You are strongly encouraged to work through them to
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431syls7 - ECONOMICS 431 Summer 2007 INDUSTRIAL...

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