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Unformatted text preview:  =0 4 0 2 2 0 Q2 QP2"0a4 4  ™os  sin dd'  2 =a …sing the su˜stitution u a sin D du a ™os X jFz j a Q2 QP2"0a2 2 a QPQ" a 2 0  2 '=0  2 2 '=0 a QPQ" a I P P Q a QP" a 2 2 2 0 2 0 2 T  1 u=0 I d' P udud' „he tot—l for™e on the sphere due to the sphere9s own ™h—rge Q —nd the ele™tri™ eld is the sum of the for™e found in p—rt — —nd the for™e we just foundX Q jFtotal j a W " a e C QP" a R 2 22 0 0 0 2 Problem 2.10 e l—rge p—r—llel pl—te ™—p—™itor is m—de up of two pl—ne ™ondu™ting sheets with sep—r—tion DD one of whi™h h—s — sm—ll hemispheri™—l ˜oss of r—dius a on its inner surf—™e D ) aF „he ™ondu™tor with the ˜oss is kept —t zero potenti—lD —nd the other ™ondu™tor is —t — potenti—l su™h th—t f—r from the ˜oss the ele™tri™ eld ˜etween the pl—tes is E F 0 a E aE 0 D pigure IX ƒetup for pro˜lem PFIH 2.10.a. Calculate the surface-charge densities at any arbitrary point on the plane and on the boss, and sketch their behavior as a function of distance (or angle). essuming the pl—nes to ˜e innite —nd very f—r from e—™h otherD we see th—t this system...
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