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Physics 340 Fall 2003 Exam 1 25 points each 1. A simple harmonic oscillator has period T = 1 second. Its displacement is given by sin ( ) x at wf =+ If the oscillation started at t = 0 from initial position x 0 = 0.5 m with initial velocity v 0 = π m/s, find φ and a. 2. A particle of mass m slides freely on a frictionless parabolic track under the influence of gravity. Use g =10m/s 2 . The shape of the track is 2 ( ) 0. 1 meters y xx = a. What is the position of stable equilibrium? b. The mass is displaced a small distance from equilibrium and let go. Show that the motion is simple harmonic oscillation and find the angular frequency. c. Say the track actually has frictional forces given by 2 Newtons 3 0 x y m dx F dt F =- = In this case what is the angular frequency of the damped motion?
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