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Honors Precalculus with Jamie Collie 2010-2011 Policies, Procedures, and Expectations Honors Precalculus is an intense study functions and relations designed to challenge students to develop solid problem solving skills as well as the ability to approach any problem from a variety of directions. Comfort with moving between the multiple representations of mathematics (graphical, numerical, algebraic, and in words) is placed at a premium as is a students ability to articulate their approach verbally and in writing. The course includes topics in analytical geometry; relations, functions and their graphs; polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions and their applications; sequences and series; vector algebra; and polar and parametric equations. My four main goals as a teacher are: Create a learning community where students learn individually, in small groups and as a class with each person contributing to our overall success. Help students see connections between the mathematics studied in the classroom and phenomena occurring in the world outside our classroom. Foster an understanding of the mathematics being studied and its application that extends beyond processes used to solve certain types of problems. Share some of my enthusiasm for learning and for mathematics with the class. Materials It is expected that you have your notebook, calculator, and a pencil at the beginning of every class. Your notebook should contain your notes, handouts, homework, quizzes, and tests. Students are expected to keep their notebook neat and organized at all times. Notes should be taken in class and used for reference to complete homework and class assignments as well as to study for tests and quizzes. All assignments; homework, quizzes, and tests should be completed in pencil. Class notes, old quizzes, and old test are by far the best resources you will have to help you prepare for future test, projects and exams in this course as well as in the future math courses you will take at MA – that is why I feel so strongly about you keeping them. Attendance
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1d93614868 - Honors Precalculus with Jamie Collie 2010-2011...

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