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Butler County Community College Robert Carlson Behavioral Science, Math, Science, and Physical Education Summer 2003 Textbook Update Fall 2008 COURSE OUTLINE College Chemistry II CH115 College Chemistry II 1 Course Description: CH115. College Chemistry II. 5 hours credit. Prerequisite: CH110 with a C or better and MA131. This course will enable the student to continue learning the chemistry of metallic elements and their compounds as well as the elementary principles of analytical chemistry. The student will also learn to solve problems dealing with solution concentrations, chemical equilibrium, solubility products, buffers, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. An introduction to nuclear and/or organic chemistry may be included. Laboratory experiments incorporate analysis, synthesis, and acquisition of quantitative and qualitative data. Three hours of lecture/recitation and four hours of laboratory per week. Course Relevance: The impact of chemistry in everyday life is phenomenal. The ability to see chemistry in action on the micro (molecular) and macro scale is necessary to develop a fuller knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Chemistry will enrich the student’s appreciation of the world and help him/her better understand the studies of science and the scientific methods. Required Materials: Textbook: Zumdahl. Chemistry (7th ed.). Houghton Mifflin Student Lab Notebook : Hayden-McNeil. Learning Outcomes: The intention is for the student to be able to analyze scientific materials in various forms demonstrating: 1. An understanding of the scientific method 2. An ability to read, communicate and understand scientific materials 3. Knowledge of basic math skills 4. An ability to apply scientific reasoning to real world problems Primary Learning PACT Skill(s) that will be DEVELOPED and/or documented in this course: Through the student involvement in this course, he/she will develop his/her ability in the following PACT skill areas: 1. Critical thinking The student will demonstrate scientific reasoning through a variety of mathematical, graphical, experimental, and written assignments.
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CH115 College Chemistry II 2 2. Writing The student will write laboratory reports, which include observations, and analysis of the experiment. The student will write a research paper on an approved topic in chemistry. Secondary skills (developed but not documented) Speaking Computer literacy Internet use Teamwork Ethical conduct Major Summative Assessment Task(s): These learning outcomes and the primary learning PACT skills will be demonstrated by: 1. Write laboratory reports, including purpose, procedural, observations, and analysis of the experiment using scientific reasoning 2. Writing a research paper upon a topic of the student’s choice related to chemistry 3. Final assessment of the course using the ACS standardized exam
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CH115outline200360_TB072208 - Butler County Community...

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