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Precalculus (Math 19), Fall 2011, San Jos´ e State University MacQuarrie Hall 423, MWF noon–1:20pm (Sec. 04, code 40663) Instructor: Dr. Tim Hsu (pronounced “shoe”). Office and phone: MacQuarrie Hall 419, (408)924-5071. Office hours: MWF 9:30–10:30 and 1:30-2:30, or by appointment. Current schedule avail- able at: hsu/courses/generic/sched.pdf E-mail: [email protected] . I can be reached by e-mail at most times of the day, and will often answer within a few hours. Course web page: hsu/courses/19/ Texts: Precalculus , Stewart, Redlin, and Watson, 6th edition . You need the 6th edition, whose cover picture is a building in front of a blue reflecting pool, not the 5th edition , whose cover picture is a rainbow-colored abstract painting. Calculator: You are allowed to use a graphing calculator on quizzes and exams. Exception: You are not allowed to use the TI-89, the TI-92, or other calculators that can do symbolic algebra, on exams. (Other TI calculators are fine.) Learning objectives. In this course, you will master the algebra skills required for later math classes; understand and apply fundamental ideas about functions; study specific types of functions; and learn some analytic geometry. Also, as with any GE math course, you will use mathematical methods to solve quantitative problems, including real-life problems, and arrive at conclusions based on numerical and graphical data. You will achieve these learning objectives, as well as the minimum writing requirement of 500 words, in homework, quizzes, and exams. Math 19W Workshops.
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green - Precalculus(Math 19 Fall 2011 San Jos State...

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