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Lesson Plan: Observing Colligative Properties of Freezing Point Depression and Boiling Point Elevation in Liquids Steven D. Mayhew Chemistry 1 Grades 11-12 Dan River High School SOL: CH.5 Objectives: 1. Define colligative property. 2. Explain the difference between solute and solvent components in a solution. 3. Define freezing point depression. 4. Define boiling point elevation. 5. Demonstrate proper laboratory technique in using the Vernier Probeware and Lab Pro Software. 6. Perform an experiment in which students will: a. Identify the effect of solute particles on the boiling point elevation of a liquid. b. Identify the effect of solute particles on the freezing point depression of a liquid. Vocabulary: colligative property concentration solution freezing point depression solute boiling point elevation solvent Materials: Vernier Probeware sodium chloride (NaCl) LoggerPro Software balance Stainless Steel temp probes weighing boat 2- 500mL beakers hot plate Procedure: 1. Connect the probe using the serial connector pigtail.
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