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PRE-CALCULUS with TRIGONOMETRY MTH 166 Online INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Name: Pablo Chalmeta Phone: 540-674-3600, ext. 4266 Email: [email protected] Office: Godbey Hall, Room 48 Website: COURSE DESCRIPTION Description: Presents college algebra, analytic geometry, trigonometry, and algebraic exponential, and logarithmic functions. Prerequisite: a placement recommendation for MTH 166 and Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry or equivalent. (Credit will not be awarded for both MTH 163 and MTH 166.) Credits: 5 Submissions: 1 per lesson Assessments: 5 + Pretest Proctored Assessments: 5 Online Activities: Required COURSE MATERIALS Textbook: Calculus I with Precalculus, Media: Video Lectures for precalculus . Video lectures for trigonometry available on CD-ROM from Distance Education. You may pick up media in Martin Hall beginning the first day of classes, or make a request in Blackboard that it be mailed to you. Calculator: A scientific calculator is recommended. Students may wish to purchase and use a graphing, menu-driven calculator, specifically a Texas Instrument T183 or higher if they intend to pursue mathematics intensive degrees. Additional resource materials for some NRCC classes can be found on the NRCC Web-based learning site at . The Student’s Guide to Distance Education also available at .
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MTH 166-35 New River Community College Page 2 COURSE INFORMATION Prepared By: Pablo Chalmeta Approved By: Carol Hurst A. INTRODUCTION This is a Distance Education course designed specifically for those students whose learning styles are best served by providing instructional opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. This course presents college algebra, matrices, algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, and Trigonometric functions. B. COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Work with integral and rational exponents. 2. Work with radicals. 3. Simplify algebraic expressions. 4. Demonstrate proficiency with a graphing calculator. 5. Work with algebraic expressions. 6. Solve linear inequalities. 7. Recognize interval notation. 8. Solve linear equations and applications involving linear equations. 9. Solve absolute value equations and inequalities. 10. Solve non-linear inequalities. (Polynomial and rational) 11. Solve quadratic equations. 12. Solve equations which are reducible to quadratic form. 13. Sketch the graph of linear equations. 14. Sketch the graph of polynomial equations. 15. Sketch the graph of rational equations. 16.
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mth166 - PRE-CALCULUS with TRIGONOMETRY MTH 166 Online...

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