Monsieur Noirtier is introduced in these chapters

Monsieur Noirtier is introduced in these chapters -...

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Unformatted text preview: Monsieur Noirtier is introduced in these chapters. We first heard of him when Edmond Dantès was supposed to deliver a letter to him (allegedly from Napoleon) and was arrested by Villefort for carrying that letter. Now, years later, Noirtier is paralyzed, and when he discovers that his beloved granddaughter is about to be forced by her parents into a marriage with Franz d'Epinay, the old man is horrified because we discover later that Noirtier was the person who killed Franz's father years ago in a political duel. Noirtier is also aware, even though he is paralyzed, that Valentine is being used by Madame de Villefort because of Valentine's wealth, and therefore, Noirtier decides to cut her out of his will for her own protection. Shortly, his fears will be proven to be entirely correct as we see that Madame Villefort tries to poison Valentine so that Valentine's money will revert to her father, who will...
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