Monte Cristo asks to see the cell of this

Monte Cristo asks to see the cell of this - Monte Cristo...

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Unformatted text preview: Monte Cristo asks to see the cell of this "poor, mad priest," and afterward, overcome with emotion, he tips the guide twenty-four gold francs (symbolically, one franc for every year since he was imprisoned). The guide is confused at such generosity, so he decides impulsively to show Monte Cristo "a sort of book written on scraps of cloth." This is the book that Farina painstakingly wrote, into which he poured all the treasures of his knowledge and wisdom. In it, Monte Cristo sees the phrase "'Thou shalt tear out the teeth of the dragon and trample the lions underfoot,' sayeth the Lord." This, then, is holy proof! This is a sign that stills Monte Cristo's questioning heart. Here, God justifies and demands vengeance! He impulsively buys the book made from scraps and strips of cloth, puts ten thousand francs in a wallet, and makes the guide promise not to open the wallet until after he has...
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