Monte Cristo can think of only one thing

Monte Cristo can think of only one thing - Monte Cristo can...

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Unformatted text preview: Monte Cristo can think of only one thing; he may never see Mercedes again. Once, he was so cocksure and confident. Now he has doubts. Introspectively, he wonders if he was right to follow the trail of vengeance for ten years. But only briefly does he question his actions. He instantly delights in the beauty of the day, the sky, the boats, and the harbor. But again, the dark mood of memory envelops him as he recalls a certain ship in this very harbor, the ship that carried him away to the horrible prison of Chateau d'If. The Count hires a nearby pleasure boat and has it take him to the old prison, which, since the July Revolution, has been used only as a curiosity of terror and punishment. It is empty now. A cold pallor sweeps through the Count as he steps ashore. He secures a guide and asks to be taken to his old cell. He is curious if there are any stories connected with this particular cell, and he is stunned to cell....
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