Monte Cristo meets Maximilien

Monte Cristo meets Maximilien - Monte Cristo meets...

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Unformatted text preview: Monte Cristo meets Maximilien, still in the cemetery, and tells him to meet him on the Isle of Monte Cristo on the fifth of October. A yacht will be waiting to take him there. Then, if Maximilien is still convinced that he must commit suicide because of his unrelieved suffering for Valentine, the Count will give him permission to die. He will even help him. But for now, he must hope and live. Monte Cristo bids him farewell. Meanwhile, Monsieur Danglars is joyously making his escape from Paris. He secures five million francs from the firm of Thomson and French (Monte Cristo's firm), and note in this chapter who the employee is in the back room of the firm: It is Peppino, the handsome and tanned bandit whom Dantès secured a pardon for long ago. In addition, there is mention of Luigi Vampa, the bandit king who kidnapped Albert de Morcerf. Clearly, they are both a part of Monte Cristo's scheme to make who kidnapped Albert de Morcerf....
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