Morrel invites Dantès to dinner

Morrel invites Dantès to dinner -...

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Unformatted text preview: Morrel invites Dants to dinner, but the young man cannot accept; his father awaits him, as does his fiance, Mercds. Morrel asks Dants about Leclre's letter, and the sailor is puzzled. Leclre, he says, was "unable to write." Then he asks for two weeks' leave to be married and to go to Paris. He is granted the request; moreover, says Morrel, Dants shall be the new captain of the Pharaon when he returns from Paris that is, if Morrel can convince his partner to agree to the captainship. Morrel then questions Dants about the character of Danglars, the purser of the Pharaon, and Dants' answer is immediate: Danglars is no friend of his; however, as a purser, he is quite satisfactory, and if Morrel is satisfied with Danglars, then Dants will respect the purser....
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