No regrets - "No regrets?" he asks Maximilien....

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Unformatted text preview: "No regrets?" he asks Maximilien. "Not even about leaving me?" A tear glistens in Maximilien's eye. Monte Cristo asks him if he isn't afraid of losing his soul, and Maximilien answers that his soul is no longer his own, meaning that it belongs to Valentine. Monte Cristo says that he has long regarded him as a son, but that he hoped for a son who would enjoy life as few people ever could because of untold wealth. "You can have anything you want," he tells Maximilien, "Only live!" But Maximilien is coldly resolute. Only a miracle will save him. Therefore, Monte Cristo goes to a cabinet and takes out a small silver box, in which there is a still smaller golden box, which contains a substance that the Count offers to Maximilien on a spoon. "This is what you asked for, and this is what I promised you," he says. Then he takes a second spoon for himself and dips into the golden what I promised you," he says....
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