As he is ready to leave

As he is ready to leave - As he is ready to leave the...

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Unformatted text preview: As he is ready to leave, the doorbell rings. Two individuals wait outside for their appointments with Alyona Ivanovna. As they try the door, they realize that it is locked from the inside. One leaves to go get the porter and then when the other leaves for a moment, Raskolnikov slips out and hides in the empty, newly painted room just below the pawnbroker's flat. When the murder is discovered, he slips out unnoticed and returns to his own room, where he replaces the axe in the porter's lodge and then falls into a state bordering on unconsciousness. Part One ends with the murder of Alyona. But in the dual murder scene, note that Alyona is murdered with the blunt side of the axe and as though one stroke were not enough to kill her, he then bludgeons the body with further strokes. In contrast, the murder of Lizaveta is quickly finished by a bludgeons the body with further strokes....
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