As noted earlier

As noted earlier - As noted earlier, by dressing in his new...

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Unformatted text preview: As noted earlier, by dressing in his new clothes and accepting the money from his mother, Raskolnikov is ready to move in the direction of redemption. On his walk, his first act is to give five kopecks to a 15-year-old street singer, an act of human compassion. In another incident, he gave a wench begging for 6 kopecks a total of 15 kopecks. Feeling his own compassion, his thoughts turn to living even if he is "confined to a square yard of space it is better than immediate death" — a thought that becomes a motif which he rejects or accepts according to his desire to live. When he enters a cafe to have tea, he asks for the newspapers of the last five or six days. Throughout Europe, cafes always have newspapers and often the latest magazines for their customers to read, and Raskolnikov takes advantage of this custom to request the papers of the last...
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