At the end of Chapter 6

At the end of Chapter 6 - At the end of Chapter 6,...

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Unformatted text preview: At the end of Chapter 6, Raskolnikov was determined to go to the police and confess. On the way, when he witnesses the death of a human being run over by a carriage, he is automatically reminded of the previous episode when he was hit by a carriage and brutally treated. Therefore, his indignation causes him to respond to the wounded man, who turns out to be Marmeladov. In this incident, his intellectual desire to confess is overruled by his emotional and humanitarian responses. His intellectual side is always deliberate while his emotional responses are spontaneous. In Marmeladov's apartment, the reader is exposed to the cry of "Do you know what it means to have no place to go." Raskolnikov is therefore affected by the poverty and squalor of the place and constantly volunteers to pay for any expenses. At the end, Raskolnikov's compassion causes him to constantly volunteers to pay for any expenses....
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