Roman Empire

Roman Empire - population, so that was a big blow to their...

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Journal #8 The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful and longest standings empires in the history of the world. They were a well cultured and influential people. But, like many great nations, they had their weaknesses which would eventually cause their downfall. I believe the economy of the Roman Empire was the biggest cause for its downfall. When the very thing which make a civilization flourish, in this case the Roman economy, start to decline, it can only lead to a complete downfall if the problems are not remedied. The rulers of Rome had very rich and expensive lifestyles. These lifestyles were well maintained when the economy was flourishing, but when trade and other means of income for the empire started to decline, the rulers, instead of taking a blow to their lavish lifestyles, increased taxes in order to maintain. As a result of constant taxes, many of the poor citizens of Rome chose to migrate to different lands and start new lives, lives free of burdensome tax. These poor citizens made up a large percentage of Rome’s
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Unformatted text preview: population, so that was a big blow to their overall economy because as the population decreases, tax collecting decreases. The rulers of Rome made a new law regarding taxes as a result of the loss of citizens. They made in effect a law that forced tax collectors to pay the remainder of taxes that the people they collected from were unable to pay. If they could not collect, then they would pay the penalty. However, with many people being unable to pay their share of the high taxes in Rome, tax collectors soon became as poor as the people they were collecting from. An entire echelon of Roman society was demoted, so to say, as a result of this new law. With a new found number of poor citizens in Rome, the taxes decreased even less, and with continued troubles with trade, Roman currency continued to become less and less valuable. Economic decay was undoubtedly a major cause for the downfall of the Roman Empire....
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Roman Empire - population, so that was a big blow to their...

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