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Luzhin then announces the purpose of his visit

Luzhin then announces the purpose of his visit - Luzhin...

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Unformatted text preview: Luzhin then announces the purpose of his visit; he has come to see Sonya. Shortly afterwards, Lebezyatnikov appears at the back of the room and remains quietly there. Luzhin explains loudly to Sonya how he had exchanged some securities for rubles, and that when she left the room after their interview, a one-hundred ruble note was missing. He carefully explains that he had just counted the money and one of the notes is now missing. He accuses Sonya of black ingratitude and demands that she return the money. Sonya denies the charge, and Katerina immediately comes to her defense. Luzhin threatens to send for the police, but tells Sonya that if she will return the note, he will forget everything. Katerina then becomes enraged and screams for someone to search her. As Katerina begins frantically to turn Sonya's pockets inside out, a hundred ruble note falls out of one of...
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