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On that same day that Svidrigailov commits suicide

On that same day that Svidrigailov commits suicide - On...

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Unformatted text preview: On that same day that Svidrigailov commits suicide, Rodya is on way to pay his last visit to this mother. She is alone. She refuses to question him about his whereabouts and maintains that she has read his article three times and feels that he is destined for greatness. She states that she will not interfere. He tells her "I came to assure you that I have always loved you, and now I am glad that we are alone." Again and again, he assures her of his abiding love for her, but also tells her that he has to go away for a long time. However, before he leaves, he asks his mother "to kneel down and pray to God for me. Your prayers perhaps will reach Him." She makes the cross over him and blesses him, and he leaves promising that someday he will return to her....
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